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ACPQ's beginnings

The Association des chercheurs(es) professionnels(les) du Québec (ACPQ) is a non-union, non-profit organization, representing professional researchers who practice their profession in Quebec.

ACPQ was launched in April 2003 and, officially incorporated in March 2004. The creation of the association affirmed the needs expressed by participants in two (2), widely circulated, e-ballots held in February of 2003, and is the fulfillment of a commitment made to those participants, the majority of whom called for the creation of a professional association.

The association was created in response to needs of both, social and professional, natures:

Social”, in the sense that society provides the resources to allow us to practice our profession; therefore, we, in turn, must reciprocate and act as leading contributors and reference in the new, knowledge-based, environment. Without the active and direct contribution of the professional researcher, the populace would be deprived of its most, and often, only, credible and knowledgeable source of information.

Professional”, in the sense that, for researchers to face the global challenge; conditions that currently, prevail in Quebec, are such, that they may be putting our profession at risk.

Thus, there is currently no forum providing researchers with:

  • the opportunity to review and assess their situation;
  • the opportunity to develop ways and means of improving their working conditions;
  • the ability to review decision-making dynamics: top-down vs bottom-up;
  • the ability to adapt and strengthen resources to face an ever more complex and more competitive professional activity;

And last, but not least, ACPQ recognized the lack of representation and the need to promote and develop the profession. ACPQ will fill this void and act as an interlocutor conveying and explaining members’ concerns, needs and claims to the stakeholders and decision-makers at the various levels.

These challenges called for an intervention strategy: hence, the founding of ACPQ.

ACPQ - Now a necessity!


      I- Role of professional associations:

      Professional researchers need representation. To explore this premise, the medical profession is a good example, as it relates to the reality of our profession. How these health professionals, in their wisdom, discovered the need to band together and create associations is worth a moment of reflection. This subset of professional associations and others like it, act in many capacities, including:

      • being a forum for review and discussion on issues,
      • as an instrument and tool for promotion and change,
      • for protecting the rights and privileges of members of the profession
      • and, finally, acting as a buffer to alleviate the detrimental effects of instability such as recurrent periods of budgetary cuts, etc..

      Everyone wants to have his/her voice heard. But, how can one be heard without a "microphone"? It is essential for us to take the example of those who have already developed strong associations, in particular, those other liberal professions competing for funds taken from the public treasury. How to compete and win its fair share in the funding contest, on a leveled playing field and with matching strength, in an "arena" where a growing number of lobbies grapple for “their share” of the public purse? Further, how to assure, on the basis of a perennial incapacity of public funds to meet society’s needs, that our profession is to obtain the resources needed to meet its social and professional responsibilities?

      II- Role of the ACPQ:

      The ACPQ has set its immediate goals on developing this novel profession. ACPQ fills the void created by the lack of representation and acts as an interlocutor conveying and explaining members’ concerns, needs and claims to the stakeholders and decision-makers at the various levels

      In short, the action of your professional association is dedicated to:

          i) establish and consolidate the profession in Quebec
              a. by developing the foundation and the basic protection of a professional status for researchers;
              b. by creating conditions which will make of this profession, one that could meet hopes and expectations of those who have chosen this profession;

          ii) ensure a sustainable regeneration of the workforce i.e., formation of cohorts of highly qualified recruits, a mission implicit in this basic notion expressed in its simplest form as:

          "No researcher ... no research".

          To that end, ACPQ intends to develop resources providing students basic information to arrive at informed decisions on their professional career.

          iii) to meet the responsibilities and obligations inherent to this profession’s social contract which are, by virtue of its covenant, tied to the source and nature of the public funding of its activity.


ACPQ is a non-profit association that will devote its efforts to the creation, establishment, and integration of a new professional category called the professional researcher in the province of Quebec. ACPQ will ensure the recognition of the profession and will act in the protection of the socioeconomic and professional interests of its members through a series of objectives covering three main areas :

      i- REPRESENTATION – To bring to all forums, their knowledge of the facts and expert opinions on matters affecting them and/or their work through active participation in all venues of discussion and interaction. This representation will be felt in areas of basic research and related fields;

      ii- SOCIAL CONTRACT – To give the professional researcher the resources and means required to carry out its social mission, primarily in public service, such as protection of public health and advancement of public education;

      iii- PURSUING CLAIMS AND NEEDS – To urge institutions, granting agencies and other governmental bodies to provide adequate conditions in order for professional researchers to compete on an equal footing with those whose work is used as standards for assessing productivity. To secure the future of the profession, ACPQ will create an appealing professional blueprint and pursue claims and needs to reduce “defections” and entice students of talent who would, otherwise, contemplate an alternative career.

Aims and goals

      i- To PROMOTE the professional researcher in all fields of research, in all of Quebec institutions of higher learning;

      ii- To ESTABLISH a collaboration with organizations in order to pursue the goals of ACPQ’s mission through synergy of action, influence and impact.

      iii- To NEGOTIATE, COME TO TERMS WITH, FINALIZE and EXECUTE every possible agreement that would serve the higher interest of the profession and the general interest of its members;

      iv- To SUPPORT its members, within the available means and resources of the association, be it in its capacity as agent, deputy (representative), supplier of property or leasing its services, in sharing or otherwise, any possessions and services to serve the interests of its members;

      v- To PROMOTE and PROTECT any and all of the profession that is in the interest of its members;

      vi- To ORGANIZE subscription campaigns and fundraising events, seek sponsorship support, raise capital funding, solicit donations and submit grant applications with the aim of securing funds for the purposes pursued by the Association.

ACPQ as pioneer

“Quebec researchers now have their own lobby group to fight for their rights. The Association des chercheurs professionels du Québec (ACPQ), the first association of its kind in Canada, was officially born last April. ” (McGill Register, May 27, 2004)

The professional researcher has lived in a void in this province, without recognition or support for the valuable contribution that this profession brings (lends) to the fundamentals of daily living. ACPQ has been founded with a goal of correcting this situation.

Why create our own?

Creating and developing a professional association will serve a number of purposes, including :

      1. PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION – through clear guidelines and criteria that will identify and characterize the important role of the professional researcher.

      2. MANAGING GLOBAL COMPETITION – through access to resources and participation in the development of the profession with the objective of competing on an equal footing in the current and future global environment.

      3. CORRECTING WIDESPREAD INEQUITIES AND DEFICIENCIES – through identification of problems facing a researcher, finding the root causes and developing effective solutions.

ACPQ has already, activated its action plan by creating this professional association and a novel profession for researchers. Other elements of this action plan will flow from basic needs of the professional researcher so that he/she can successfully manage the challenges of current times.


Download ACPQ's organigram in PDF. PDF's document


The Executive Board of Association des chercheurs(es) professionnels(les) du Québec is comprised of the administrators and founders of the non-profit organization.

President - Founder and administrator

Claude Côté, Ph. D.
ACPQ C.P. 1111, Succ. B
Montréal, Qc, H3B 3K9

E-mail: To send an email to PDG

Vice-president - Founder and administrator

Edward C Bradley, Ph. D.
Pavillon J.A. de Sève
Hôpital Notre-Dame
1560 Sherbrooke est
Montréal, Qc H2L 4M1


Treasurer - Founder and administrator

Michel J. Tremblay, Ph. D.
Research Center in Infectious Diseases, RC709
CHUL Research Center (CHUQ)
2705 Laurier Boulevard
Quebec (QC), G1V 4G2



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