ACPQ offers partnership opportunities with the private and public sector including government agencies and companies whose mission is linked to innovation and knowledge. The benefits of such partnerships include the following:

      i- Visibility – Sponsors and partners are given visibility on ACPQ’s web site (www.acpq.ca ) and in the association’s electronic journal, ProRecherche;

      ii- Access – to effect a rapprochement between public and private sector researchers: an opportunity to remove barriers that currently exist between the public and private sector through joint activities, communications in ACPQ’s e-journal, ProRerche, and other effective means.

      iii- Public image and influence – Any corporation’s or government organization’s profile would benefit from the public impact attached to supporting ACPQ, by expressing an identification with excellence in research.

The ACPQ is, currently, seeking partnership proposals to support its mandate of advancing our profession. Companies and government agencies understanding the goals and objectives of the association and who wish to actively participate in its growth and development are asked to contact ACPQ at the following address:

C.P. 1111, Succ. B
Montréal, Qc, H3B 3K9

E-mail : pdg@acpq.ca


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