ACPQ, FQPPU, FPPU and CNCS-FEUQ unite, challenging the basic tenants of the Government’s Research and Innovation Strategy and opposing commercialization of Quebec universities  -  Challenge: To create an ”effective” and ”researcher friendly” Ministry of Research!  -  Profession: Join ACPQ  -  Invest in your career while contributing to the development of your profession.


Capsule: "No researcher..., no research"

Capsule: "Postdoc"

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ACPQ, FQPPU, FPPU and CNCS-FEUQ unite to create "Protégeons la recherche publique" (Fr) (Le Devoir 24-03-07)

News release.

  • 1st May 2006: Introduction of ACPQ's capsule: "Postdoc".
  • 1st March 2006: Introduction of ACPQ's capsule: "No researcher..., no research".
  • January 3 2006: Introducing ACPQ's Online Registration and Accreditation Form.

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