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  • 1st May 2006: Introduction of ACPQ's capsule: "Postdoc".
  • 1st March 2006: Introduction of ACPQ's capsule: "No researcher...., no research".
  • January 3 2006: Introducing ACPQ's Online Registration and Accreditation Form.



ProRecherche - ACPQ’s e-journal.

A call for talent.

The first issue of ProRecherche is scheduled for 2006. In keeping with the character of ACPQ’s mission, this goal comes as a challenge of participation and collaboration. As you undoubtedly know, publishing a journal is both a dynamic process and a collaborative service; an invitation is, therefore, extended to all those who desire to play a part – research, writing, editing, etc., in developing this channel of communicating with our members and beyond.

Collaborators and contributors are asked to communicate their interests to: pdg@acpq.ca.


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